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April 2024:

Echo Of A Distant Time

Bertrand Loreau
Echo Of A Distant Time


Bertrand Loreau - Echo Of A Distant Time

Bertrand Loreau takes us back to the 70s, the
heyday of the Berlin School. Each track is
sequencer-based and brings back memories of
Klaus Schulze, Peter Baumann and Tangerine
Dream (e.g. Phaedra). The tip for all Berliner
Schule fans. Limited to 222 copies.

March 2024:

D.MO Vol. 5

Robert Schroedert
D.MO Vol. 5


Robert Schroeder - D.MO Vol. 5

D.MO is the abbreviation for DEMO. The music
consists of unreleased archive material from
that time, starting in 1979 up to the 1990s.

The first CD in this series, D.MO Vol.1, was
released in 1998 on CUE-records by Jörg Strawe.
Since 2008 Robert Schroeder continued his D.MO
series, but from then on they were released on
Spheric Music by Lambert Ringlage.

Schroeder`s music is multifaceted. From deep

spherical and cosmic dimensions to rhythmic and contrary sound structures. But it is always catchy melodies and surprising arrangements that make Robert`s music so extraordinary and incomparably independent.

The new album D.MO Vol.5 also delivers different atmospheres from earlier times. Four titles were also accompanied by acoustic or electric guitar.

October 2023:

Bon Courage

Bon Courage


Lambert - Bon Courage

The new album shows Lambert from a familiar,
Tangerine Dream-oriented side. But new accents
also let the music shine in a new light.

A lively opener carries us to new horizons,
other tracks let us glide dreamily into other
spheres. Pearly hypnotic tone patterns and deep
sound harmonies cast a spell over you. The
tracks reflect different emotional states and
"Bon Courage" is an encouragement and a source

of happiness for coping with all the ups and downs of our lives. Music can help us feel emotions that are difficult to capture with words.

As a bonus, this CD contains a cooperation track with Johannes Schmoelling (Tangerine Dream 1980-85), which immerses itself completely in the atmosphere of Hyperborea.

September 2023:

Into The Light

Robert Schroeder
Into The Light


Robert Schroeder - Into The Light

Space effects, mysterious spheres, deep strings
and dreamy melodies quickly immerse us in
another world. Peppered with space sounds,
alienated radio messages, you float from cosmos
to cosmos in wonder.

Analogue beats, whirling sequences and string
melodies refresh the hearts of traditional EM.

Deep subterranean sounds from the underground
lead us further into trance-like sequences,

as we know them from "Paradise".

A hypnotic sequential track a la Klaus Schulze rounds off the space journey into the light.

If you want to drift away into dream worlds or let yourself be beamed into other dimensions, Into The Light is the perfect choice.

March 2023:

New Horizons

Peter Mergener -
back with a brilliant
Berlin School album


Peter Mergener - New Horizons

Peter Mergener is back with a brilliant Berlin
School album.

When Lambert Ringlage (Spheric Music) heard the
music for the first time, it was clear that he had to
make an effort to release it: "The best thing I've
heard from Peter in years!"

Peter Mergener became known in the 80s
through the IC albums under the formations
"Mergener/Weisser" and "Software".

After Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze, Mergener was the "next generation" of the Berlin School and enjoyed great popularity with "Electronic Universe" and "Phancyful Fire". After numerous stylistically different publications on various labels, it became quieter around Peter. All the more pleasing that Peter used the time to produce another first-class electronic album. Harmonic choral surfaces create a deep atmosphere from which hypnotic sequences gradually emerge, become denser and rise to a top Berlin School track. Compositionally flowing with sensitivity, incorporating Klaus Schulze's and Tangerine Dream's stylistic elements and also atmos known from Software, a varied, homogeneous album has been created. Wonderful for dreaming and drifting away. Spheric Music is proud to publish this album.

January 2023:

Floating Music Edition 2023

Similar to:
Klaus Schulze, Robert
Schroeder - Harmonic


Robert Schroeder - Floating Music Edition 2023

After Robert's successful debut "Harmonic
Ascendant" in 1979, the follow-up "Floating
Music" followed in 1980, also on Klaus Schulze's
IC label.

An album full of surprises. Here you can hear
sounds from self-built synthesizers, or the
classic electronic sounds of 1980, as you know
them from Klaus Schulze. An exciting album with
a deep atmosphere that carries you into bizarre

Occasional weird sounds dissolve into Schroeder-typical sequencer runs, sometimes you think you're walking alone in the dark and see lantern lights streaking past you again and again. Wonderful for dreaming. Floating Music is one of his best albums! The new edition has a long bonus track: Floating Music in Slow Motion in the style of the IC vinyls, which were intended for 45rpm but could also be played in SlowMo on 33 rpm. This cult album had been out of print for many years and is now finally available again!

October 2022:

Here And Why

Also recommended:
Klangwelt - Weltweit
Klangwelt - The Incident


Klangwelt - Here And Why

The predecessor "The Incident" from 2018 was
played extensively on the radio in America, and
not without reason: Gerald Arend aka Klangwelt
is known for innovative electronics, and his
fifth album surprises again with fresh impulses
and expressive sounds.

Noises and snatches of speech from the dark
past meet cold beats and sequencers ("Cold War
Child"), Mellotron choirs meet pearly piano
arpeggios ("Corium") and rich bass synths meet

Jean-Michel-Jarre-like sequences ("Futurist"). Vocoder pop reminiscent of Kraftwerk and OMD ("Information") alternates with stylishly alienated vocal samples ("Muse") and warm analogue pads à la Vangelis ("Ago").

Klangwelt has been inspired by the huge variety of European electronic music, but has long since found its own unmistakable signature. "Here and Why" is a mature album, unpredictable in the best sense of the word, full of details worth discovering, excellently produced and always melodic and accessible despite all the joy of experimentation.

August 2022:

Earth Express

Roger Universe -
a new star in the
electronic galaxy


Roger Universe - Earth Express

Has Jean-Michel Jarre turned back the clocks?
It sounds a bit like that: "Earth Express" sometimes seems like a journey back to the
times of "Oxygene" and "Equinoxe". Ulrich
Mühl,the man behind Roger Universe, grew up
with this music and already programmed his
first electronic compositions on his home
computer in the eighties. In the mid-2010s,
he began working on his debut album with
completely new material using state-of-the-art

Ulrich Mühl passed away in January 2022. His long-time friend Gerald Arend (Klangwelt) was keen to present his sonically sophisticated works to the public. Swinging and powerful, swirling beats and sequences, which repeatedly attract attention with interesting changes of harmony. Impressive cosmic sound oases alternate with driving electronic grooves that immediately caress the ear thanks to Klangwelt's powerful and dynamic mix.

"Earth Express" captivates with freshness and melodies that let you dive into different moods like into little stories while listening. A colourful, entertaining album that can also be listened to while driving.

March 2022:

Spaces Of A Dream

To compare with:
Klaus Schulze, Robert
Schroeder - Pyroclast


Robert Schroeder - Spaces Of A Dream

Robert Schroeder started his music career on
Klaus Schulze's IC label with the album Harmonic
Ascendant. On the current album, he picks up
on old stylistic elements and presents us with
an impressive new work in terms of sound.
Wonderful dream landscapes with wide choirs
meet us on Robert's new album.

Because the pieces flow smoothly into each
'other, Spaces Of A Dream offers a wonderful
deep positive atmosphere to drift away spacy.

Rhythmic percussive elements bring energy into the dream journey. Hypnotic sequences give the space feeling a certain drive and you recognise the "old" Robert Schroeder again.

On the new album, Robert succeeds in bringing outflowing and condensing atmospheres into harmony with dreamy sequences.
Definitely listen to it!

January 2022:

Let The Light Surround you

Also recommendable:
Bertrand Loreau –
Finally (Spheric Music
SMCD 6305)


Bertrand Loreau - Let The Light Surround you

The new Bertrand Loreau album has a special
spirit. Though some sequences shimmering
through, this album puts more weight on
sensitivity and melodies. After several CDs on
different labels, the new CD is now a very
personal one, as it is dedicated to Bertrands
mother who died some time ago. Bertrand is
thinking of her being in a world in which love is
like a light that surrounds her. You can find on
this album thinkful, sad, warm and calm tracks
for dreaming, yearning, touching, delicate

emotions and careful listening.
One sequencer track is composed together with Lambert.

April 2021:


Exothermic Energy
is a real highlight
on this CD!


Robert Schroeder - Pyroclast

After C'est Magique (Spheric Music 2020)
we can enjoy new pyroclastic music streams.
Robert Schroeder takes us on a trip through
electronic soundscapes with deep atmospheres
and great effect sounds.

Sometimes we think: This is pure cosmos!
Then we are in a bizarre sound world walking
further into a harmonic melody part. Then it
gets pulsating sequencer based with a
hypnotic-spheric touch, finally leading into
wonderful choir sounds.

Once again this is a special album with exquisite sounds. Sometimes we have to think of Klaus Schulze when hearing this mysterious and hypnotic atmosphere.

September 2020:


All titles are previously
unreleased and should
get much appreciation
among the Johannes
Schmoelling fans.


Johannes Schmoelling - 20

Many Tangerine Dream fans regard Johannes Schmoelling as one of the most creative artists of the 80s. At that time the band published releases like Tangram, Thief, Logos or Poland and finally created the well known film score „Das Mädchen Auf der Treppe“ (White Eagle).
For mid of the 80s until today Johannes Schmoelling is still busy in the field of electronic music. You can find a lot of exciting solo releases as well as new colaborations (for example with
Kurt Ader, Jerome Froese, Rob Waters and
Jonas Behrens).

With the release "20" Johannes Schmoelling
celebrates the 20th birthday of his label
"Viktoriapark Records".

" 20 " is representing that kind of electronic music that Johannes and also Viktoriapark stands for, now and already for 40 years of professional music production and for 20 years of Viktoriapark Records as a platform for (in a classical sense) melodic and harmonic compositions that have been arranged with electronic sound generators.
All 4 tracks on "20" have been created in cooperation.
Involved artists are: Jonas Behrens, Kurt Ader and Lambert Ringlage.

May 2020:

C'est Magique

A beautiful and exciting
sound experience!

Robert Schroeder - C'est Magique

On his new album sound wizard Robert
Schroeder approaches the topic "magic"
on a spherical way. Soft soundscapes, chill
atmospheres and some silent passages.
Sometimes you think you are in a dream
cave full of magic sounds, sometimes bizarre,
sometimes in a deep and dreamy sphere.
Mysterious and unusual sounds provide
tension, often leading into a kind of space trip
with Schroeder typical patterns and rhythms.
Space sounds and relaxing downtempo-beats

are embedded in a weightless floating atmosphere. Sometimes you just sit there and admire the deep sound miracle. In fluent transitions the Schroeder typical sequences and beats are interweaved with Ambient and Chill Out sounds developing into a magic dream journey.

October 2019:

Eternal Sorrows

Berlin School /
Analog Synth Music
Recommended for
Klaus Schulze Fans!


Bertrand Loreau - Eternal Sorrows

In 1981 not many synthesizers existed at that
time, as well not many artists of electronic
music have been become famous. Besides
Jarre and Vangelis Schulze and Tangerine Dream
have been the very few who were well known.
At this time Bertrand Loreau already composed
his first works seeing himself only as a simple
amateur trying to imitate Klaus Schulze who
was major influence. With synthesizers like
the Multiman S and the Korg MS 20, Bertrand
created sounds that still have their attraction
today. Despite some little sound restrictions at
some points (the cassette recordings have been
done with an ordinary tape equipment), the
music is still touching, as Bertrand is realizing
28 years later.

The topic of the CD is Endless Sorrows. Feelings that are regarded as a burden without end. Sometimes electronic music is able to describe such kind of emotions of misery much better than words can describe. It can be a relief for the artist and for the listener to see difficult emotions expressed in music. These analog sounds in the Klaus Schulze style are excellent for fans of the cosmic psychedlic style of the 70s.

June 2019:

Fata Morgana

Space Electronic

Robert Schroeder - Fata Morgana

Robert Schroeder has always great sounds.
Each of his last releases has an extraordinary
space sound. As well this time this sound is
combined with unusual impressive timbres.
On Fata Morgana Robert takes us on a
cosmic journey in the regions of illusions.
We hear dreamy and supernormal sounds:
sometimes chirping, sometimes imploding,
sometimes bizarre, sometimes sensitive,
sometimes sweeping. Choirs, percussive
cymbals and toms, vocal effects, an electric

guitar and pearling sequences are embedded in this wonderful dream cosmos.
And Robert takes his time to let these sounds develop and breathe. At least for the duration of this album your Fata Morgana is put into your music room.

Dream and be filled with wonder!

May 2019:

Dimensions Of Dreams remastered

Berlin School Electronics
..... Youtube .....
..... .

Lambert - Dimensions Of Dreams remastered

Originally Released in 1995
All tracks remastered
(with Bonus Track “Distance”) in 2019 by
Christian Schimmoeller at Circle Of Sounds.

Dreams to escape from reality. That‘s the
topic of the album „Dimensions Of Dreams“,
released in 1995. The music supports the
search for a refuge in an alternative sphere,
in a dream world.

„Dimensions Of Dreams“ is the third album
by electronic artist Lambert, which can be
regarded as the most sophisticated and
elaborated Lambert release until that time.

The Berlin School style has been developed to an extraordinary extent, enriched by full pad sounds evoking a multidimensional atmosphere.
„...the sequences...remind me of Chris Franke at his best times...a big progress in depth and warmth...“ KLEM-NRW 95
„ want to listen to it again and again...“ (Ben Kettlewell, USA)

Compositional developments with an arc of tension are created by the use of noise, voice and sound sculptures finding its way to catchy and multilayered sequencer patterns: harmonic, melodic and thus perfect for dreaming.
Sold out for plenty of years this album finally is available again in a remastered version featuring one unreleased track as a bonus on occasion of the albums 24th anniversary.

May 2019:


Genre: Healing Songs
..... Youtube.....

Gabriele Zibret - Happy Songs
und Herzenslieder

All lyrics and titles composed, performed
and sung by Gabriele Zibret.

Additional vocals on titles 3, 6, 7 and
Keyboards on titles 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 9, 18 by
Lambert Ringlage

Gabriele Zibret sings her self-composed,
varied songs with a clear voice and at times
fascinating polyphonic canons.

“Happy Songs und Herzenslieder”
(„Happy Songs and Songs from the heart“)

are positive and life-affirming songs to sing along, swing along and listen to.
Songs about everyday life and the desire for more calmness, songs for more joy and for inner peace, songs about ships sailing across the Rhine to the North Sea, about the green ray of light and Heiugesu, the song of healing and health-promoting singing. Songs about sound, about life, love, laughter and the song “Fly and smile” about Robin the redbreast that flies out into the world and spreads a song of peace and joy.
A colorful, relaxing and refreshing song mix for those who like to sing, swing and listen. Just for the fun of it, without pressure and without musicsheets. As a balance to everyday life, to recover and gain strength, for individual and collective joy, to relax and enjoy and to encourage health.
A small wellness program for the body, the mind and the soul, a source of energy and a chance to meet oneself and other people in a human, sympathetic and appreciative way – to experience moments of inner and outer peace.

February 2019:


Cinematic Electronic
Die Unendlichkeit des
Augenblicks =
The Infinity
of the Moment


Rudolf Heimann - Die Unendlichkeit des Augenblicks

Does God exist? What is infinity?
Rudolf Heimann will not answer these
fundamental questions for us. But he
invites us to pose them and to ponder
with them by taking us on a fascinating
musical and spiritual journey. “Wem die
Stunde schlägt” (For Whom the Bell Tolls)
or “Ad Infinitum” encourage us to question
the very meaning of life. Heimann carefully
reinterprets the relevance of ancient
Christian ideas in contemporary life
and society, importantly however, entirely
without taking sides.

On his last track “Rede des toten Christus
vom Weltgebäude herab, dass kein Gott
sei” (30 min.), Heimann goes even further.
Set to a lyric crafted in 1797 by German
Romanticist Jean Paul and narrated by

Roland Paroth, he readily enables us to rediscover our own world of dreams and fantasies. Can we be sure about reality? How can we grasp the eternal?

In this new musical adventure, Heimann takes his signature style to the next level, blending Berlin School synthesizer music with orchestral film score elements in unique and creative ways. Carefully weaving natural instrument sounds such as acoustic guitar, cello and church organ together with thick synthetic sound layers, and occasionally adding surprising rock and spiritual elements (“Niemand kennt Zeit noch Stunde“), Heimann invites us to travel through a rich and ever evolving landscape of sound. Enjoy listening!

November 2018:


To compare with:
Klaus Schulze,
Schroeder - Velocity

Robert Schroeder - Spaceland

The title „Spaceland“ speaks for itself.

Pads of deep space, reverbed saw wave
melodies, enriched with echo, resonating
sequences, stereo effects, decent beats,
from a distance you hear cosmic choirs.
This is the perfect ambience to float
through cosmic landscapes. Quiet
moments are followed by a continuing
journey through analog arpeggio tones,
sequencer patterns a la Klaus Schulze.
A harmonic trip through Spaceland!

October 2018:

To compare with:
Tangerine Dream,
Klaus Schulze

Bertrand Loreau & Frederic Gerchambeau - Catvaratempo

« Catvaratempo » is the new album
from Frédéric Gerchambeau and
Bertrand Loreau. It is a new combination
of Fréderic's experimental sequences
with Bertrand Loreau's sensitive universe.
Because of their differences the two
composers create an unique landscape
of sounds and sequences. They built a
bridge between berlin school and more
experimental, or even avant-garde music.

« Catvara » means the number "four" in avery old language, the Sanskri.
The four tracks are like four different spiritual ways on four different mountains, to get closer to the common world of peace and love. The two musicians want to go back to the spirit of the seventies, when Berlin School was like a door opened to new sounds and atmospheres and could be heard as a search for cosmic connections.

This CD will be a great experience for all fans of old analog sequences and pads that will catch the winks to Klaus Schulze's Timewind or Tangerine Dream's Rubycon, for example. Feel invited to explore this innovative blend of electronic impulses.

August 2018:


To compare with:
Mind Over Matter,
Café del Mar.


Axess - Seashore

Similar to: Mind Over Matter,
Friedenberger, Café del Mar.

Chill Out Beats and fine sequences
embedded in a relaxing Lounge atmo.
Sometimes meditative, sometimes
decently surreal, dreamy hovering,
spherical deep, at another time just
single tones, then again floating or
hypnotic with choir sounds…

A warm basic atmosphere and the
extraordinary sound quality make
this album unique. Simplicity and
tranquillity make this album very

beautiful. The albums ends with a catchy earworm. A wonderful floating album which is excellent to calm down and enjoy slowness.

May 2018:


Recommended (not only)
to all Klangwelt-fans.
(Lambert Ringlage)

Klangwelt - The Incident

Is this Vangelis, Jarre or Yello? No.
Is this a Electronic Crossover? Somehow.
Is this Klangwelt? Definitely!

To present a CD on my label that has an
unusual fascination, is a very special matter.
„The Incident“ is something special, because
on his 4th album Gerald Arend aka Klangwelt
manages to make a blend of extraordinary
elements and selected sounds to produce
an unusual and captivating opus.

Soft and warm harmonies meet technical

sounds, dreamy melodies meet bizarre tone patterns. Accentuated Beats, Sequences, sometimes minimalistic at another time powerful, Cosmic Spheres and Speech Quotes are put together to exciting compositions, that are accompanied by bizarre and sometimes excentric sound creations and strange vocal-samples. The atmospherically-flowing tracks seem to play with feelings of wellness and threat which sometimes arouse tension and power, at another time let you calm down again. Dreamy atmospheres are interwoven by decent discords and strange parts are enriched by harmonic elements, traditional sounds are combined with innovative sound experiments. A fantastic, excellent produced sound travel, full of charming contrasts.

March 2018:


Style: Tangerine Dream
(Pergamon/Tangram) /
Michael Stearns


Vanderson - Sequenced Thoughts

Vanderson is well known on youtube
(4800 Abos, thousands of clicks) and within
the electronic scene. Vanderson returned to
his sequencer based electronics for what he
was admired for in the past.

He already released various albums on
several electronic labels like Syngate,
Mellowjet and Generator.
His recent Berlin School album on Spheric
Music „Vandisphere“ received good reviews.

This time he put more work into composing

clever and ingenious sequences that are at the same time very captivating. This was a great inspiration for Lambert, who is also very much into sequences, to play upon Vanderson basics. Lambert, influenced by Tangerine Dream in the early 80s, added several sounds and melodies to make the 80s feeling complete (Tangerine Dream - Tangram / Pergamon). Vanderson found very good sounds to create deep and wide atmospheres as if somebody is admiring the astonishing cosmic space. Flowing sounds a la Planetary Unfoldings (Michael Stearns) lead into pulsating sequences. Maybe this is one of the most fully developed and sophisticated sequencer albums Vanderson ever released. It is a honour for Spheric Music to present this opus, featuring 4 long Berlin School tracks, on his label.

Vanderson is one of the most talented electronic artists from Poland. His music is quite captivating. I hope you like it.

Lambert Ringlage 2018

October 2017:


«Finally» is a 40 - track
- double CD and a way
to share with us a
delicate and sensitive
musical landscape.


Bertrand Loreau - Finally

French artist Bertrand Loreau presents a
double-CD-compilation of his best melodic,
peaceful, romantic and introspective titles
(released and unreleased) he has created
over the years.

Bertrand Loreau learned to play classical
music as a child but stopped to play the
piano during his adolescence and became
a fan of progressive rock music, especially
of Pink Floyd.

He started to play electronic music at the
beginning of the 80s, being influenced by
Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream that
he discovered in the middle of the 70s.
Though he regularly returns to making
berlin school music, produced and
distributed by MUSEA and Spheric Music,

he also occasionally develops a melodic style during his musical life. He often records short tracks based on improvisations on the accoustic piano.

Years after years Bertrand Loreau composed many little pieces in the vein of Vangelis, Enya, Mike Oldfield, etc. However Bertrand has his own universe due to the influence of the classical music he listened to when he was a child. After 35 years of musical creation and because of his recent Spheric Music releases Bertrand is often seen as a berlin school musician.

With « Finally » he wants to bring together a selection of melodic tracks which are, at his point of view, a good introduction to his intimate and sometimes mystic feelings that make him an original artist within the berlin school scene.

Bertrand Loreau asked the great french designer Jean-Loïc Mellin to create beautiful paintings for « Finally ». They remind Bertrand of his interest in progressive rock music and illustrate the world of peace and hope which have been created from his electronic instruments.

October 2017:


A real nostalgic
experience which is a
pleasure to listen to!

Akikaze - Solstice

Dutch artist Pepijn Courant a.k.a. Akikaze
(Japanese for autumn wind) shows a long
career of creative output, starting with tape
releases. After a few years, he changed to
CD and his albums were released by several
companies (Audio Works, Criminal Records,
Quantum Records and Syngate). Because
of his excellent sequences, Akikaze has
been a candidate for Spheric Music for a
long time. Solstice, his recent 11th work,
which was partly introduced at the E-Live

festival in 2015, features unique sequencer patterns once again. The album was inspired by weather phenomena.

Solstice evokes a special atmosphere, due to the use of old-fashioned sounds. You can hear synth sounds of the 70s and 80s combined with sequences typical of Akikaze. Compared to other Berlin School releases, Akikaze’s provide more variety in sound and tone patterns. Especially the melodic and harmonically changing sequences have a special charm while guitar and old synthesizer sounds in the interludes build a romantic, melancholic ambience.

September 2017:

D.MO Vol. 4 - Harmonic Decadence


Robert Schroeder - D.MO Vol. 4
.... ...... ....... ...- Harmonic Decadence

The first studio recording Harmonic Decadence
now rediscovered in full length on D.MO Vol.4.

Since the release of Robert's official debut
album Harmonic Ascendant the world of the
EM community has discussed rumours about
a recording called Harmonic Decadence.

Before the first official Vinyl-LP-Release (IC / WEA), Robert started his first studio recording in the same recording studio Panne-Paulssen (Frankfurt/Main) in 1978, where also numerous European artists such as Klaus Schulze, Ashra /Manuel Göttsching and Harald Großkopf have recorded their works.

However, these first recording of Schroeder was rejected by the WEA because it was too "electronic". At first, the debut album should also be named Harmonic Decadence. After refusing this first recording of 1978, Schroeder went back to the studio, where the well-known debut album Harmonic Ascendant arose.

In the meantime the first recording Harmonic Decadence was somehow forgotten. Some extracts have also been used occasionally, e.g. within the INKEYS interview from the early 80s. But the complete work of this first recording has been published never before. The tapes went lost in the depths of the tape archives over the time.

The demand for these recordings is still great. In the year 2017 Robert searched through his archive ... and found the old original recordings as a master copy on a high quality music cassette. The sound is not up to date due to its age but has its charme and now been re-mastered. And of course this material is something what the fans are waiting for.

In the context of the D.MO-series (old unreleased recordings of the artist), the original version of Harmonic Decadence will be released in full length on CD at Spheric Music. A delight for lovers of Electronic Music of the late 70s. Have much fun.

June 2017:



Rudolf Heimann - Touch The Sky (Remaster 2017)

Remastered by EROC including 2 bonus tracks
Style: Electronic / Synthesizer (Alan Parsons
Project, Mike Oldfield)

Rudolf Heimann looks back to a long musical
career having been busy in various projects
and various genres. When I get asked what his

most amazing solo album is, my answer is quite prompt:
Touch The Sky (from 1992).
The melodic and harmonic tracks are easily accessible and are presented in an extraordinary sound, that you want to listen to it again and again. In comparison to Berlin School albums here you find punchy, optimistic titles, that are more rhythmic and sometimes include hints of rock music. But the album features also a lot of dreamy titles that enriches the varying structure of the album.

This album has been out of stock for a very long time. Now you can get this remastered release including 2 bonus tracks.
Spheric Music appreciates having the artist convinced for the release of this jewel. This album becomes even more precious because it has been remastered by the well known producer EROC which makes it a real listening pleasure.

Bernd Kistenmacher (Musique Intemporelle) comment to the new release:
„A music that is not just trendy stuff. On the contrary, it is music that you can discover again and again at any time. Touch The Sky is a good example for such timeless music.“

Further Heimann CDs on Spheric Music:
Twilight Voyager (Spheric Music SMCD 8303), Tide (Spheric Music SMCD 8304)

February 2017:




Robert Schroeder - Velocity

This sound is certainly great!

Robert Schroeder put weight on good and
convincing sounds.

It has become a real electronic album, with
fresh sounds embedded in beautiful dreamy
harmonies and some very nice accents added.

New ideas and new harmonies are combined
with the typical Schroeder style in a very
interesting way. A few tom sounds and the
apply of the vocoder enrich this album,
making it to an oeuvre that can be compared
with some of the better Klaus Schulze titles.

November 2016:


It is a real treasure
box, full of musically
shimmering jewels.


Spheric Music - Silver

No, we are not Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk
or Vangelis. But Spheric Music celebrates
its 25th birthday by presenting again a
precious, high-quality electronic sampler
with unreleased jewels of Spheric Music
artists as well as 2 rare bonus tracks by
Joel Fajerman and Klaus Schulze!

The opener by Joel Fajerman, known for
his french film music, is a rare track of
his archive, which is the debut for Joel
Fajerman on Spheric Music (a further
release is scheduled). Also a rare gem
came by Klaus Schulze. It is a honour
to have him on board with „The Breeze“,

a title long time go released on the “Contemporary Works 1” Box (out of stock for a long time). The CD ends with the earworm “Silver” by label owner Lambert.

The album is characterized by melodic electronics, rhythmic-pulsating tracks, harmonic sounds, melancholy atmospheres and traditional Berlin School titles.

The featured artists are known for:
Joel Fajerman (L'aventure des plantes / the secret life of the plants), Robert Schroeder (Cygnus-A), Klangwelt (Weltweit), Axess (Pyramid Peak), Vanderson (Vandisphere), Rudolf Heimann (Touch The Sky), Mesmerised (Palantir – Empire Of Illusions), Bertrand Loreau (Le Pays Blanc, From Past To Past), Klaus Schulze (Mirage, Moondawn etc), Lambert (Light Sky, Drachenreise).

October 2016:


Check it out!

Bertrand Loreau featuring Lambert
.... ...... ...- In Search Of Silence

Bertrand has always been a fan of TD
and Klaus Schulze since his youth in
the 70s.On this album he presents the
basic concept and basic structure for a
big Berlin School work containing three
long tracks like it was usual in the 70s.
Bertrand used analog equipment especially
a modular system which is responsible for
great sounding sequences.

Lambert coming from the “Tangerine Dream school“ added many effects and atmospheric sounds and put weight on making good tranistions between the tracks that you feel it is complete opus. Most of the music have been played spontaneously during one take. This enriches the character of the 70s when the Berlin School pioneers improvised on the sequences. This interplay should be a delight for the fans of the 70s Berlin School style.

May/June 2016:


Check it out!

Robert Schroeder - Ambient Occlusion

This album is perfect if you want to enjoy your
finishing time. Surreal and unusual sounds are
enbedded within a deep, positive mood in that
you can relax well.

Some experimental elements arouse some
tension. But these are taken by a harmonic
ambiente leading to some wonderful choirs
and dream atmos. Some tracks are

fascinating because of their slowness, giving single tender tones its room. Sensitively composed, this is one of the most releaxing and atmospherical album that Robert has composed until today.

April 2016:

Close your eyes
and let yourself
carry away.


An album for
drifting away
and well feeling.

Vanderson - Vandisphere

After releasing his music by auto-productions,
at Mellowjet, Syngate and Generator, vanderson
now presents his mort recent work on the
electronic label Spheric Music for the first time.

In the past Vanderson has been acknowledged
for his Berlin School-type of music in the vein
of Tangerine Dream. The new album however
puts more weight on the creation of dreamlike

You can also hear Tangerine Dream-like
sequences, but the relaxing musical
journey is coloured by yearning sounds
and melodies, that like spots are embedded
in a spheric soundscape. The rhythmic
supported sequences and tender effects
enrich the soft and deep sound, which

altogether are a wonderful environment for a gliding flight through soft dreamworlds.

Comparable to: Axess, Klangwelt, Pyramid Peak, Robert Schroeder...

October 2015:


Robert Schroeder - Dream Access

Robert Schroeder includes some new
experimental sounds, but again managed
to create wonderful dream phases with nice
melodies and Schroeder-typical sequences.

A real sound-bath!

March 2015:

Have a nice travel!

Bertrand Loreau - From Past To Past

Bertrand Loreau is well known for his romantic
melodies above dreamy harmonies. His recent
albums on Spheric music approached more and
more towards the Berlin School, which was the
music Bertrand grew up and started his musical
career with. The new album From Past To Past
is a kind of immersion into the good old Berlin
School sound of the 70s.

One track is dedicated to Edgar Froese
who died in January 2015.

March 2015:


Special EM Tracks
From The Past

Nice memories and
souvenirs and also
features some new
discoveries for the fans!

Robert Schroeder
.... ...... .... .... - Flavour Of The Past

Besides the usual 'Robert Schroeder'
albums there were many special productions
for compilations and for commercial use
(promoting music for the industry). This varying
CD now puts its focus on some of the most
beautiful original titles to catch your ear,
enjoy or just relax.

The CD starts with a track 'Die Story der Final
Legacy' which is the score for the Computer
Game Final Legacy (ATARI Computer Inc) from
1984. 'Just A Love Song' has been produced in
1986 for the IC-Compilation New Age Music.
Later on this track was also the score for a
logo of a famous german brand fabric softener.

The title 'The Sound' is an unreleased track that has been published in 1985. At that time Robert went on Presentation-Tour for the SEIKO-Keyboard. Robert supported the development of this synthesizer. This and many other tracks are nice memories and souvenirs and also feature some new discoveries for the fans.

January 2015:


Old School,
but different...


Lambert - Drachenreise (Dragon’s trip)

A dragon tells about his his recent journeys.

On this album you hear the popular Lambert
sound enriched with several new sounds and
new harmonic charming accents.

Gentle tones are featured, as well as strange or
pleasing optimistic, also dynamic uplifting titles.

An interesting blend of electronic,
sequencer-based music and new
sounds, that refresh known listening
habits with new impulses.

One title in collaboration with Gandalf !!

September 2014:


Hypnotic, atmospheric
Berlin School, full of

Hypnosphere - Timedrift

Hypnotic sequences, atmospheric spaces...

The new Hypnosphere album again features
traditional Berlin School at its best. 6 long
lasting tracks are the base for a start of quiet
atmo-sounds that leads to fine drops of tones
that develop into a driving sequencer pattern.
Enriched with some e-guitar sounds the new
album gets a session character that sometimes
reminds you on Tangerine Dream Encore. This is
a real Retro Trip through the Berlin School style.

August 2014:


BackSpace -
Back to the universe!

Robert Schroeder - BackSpace

Robert Schroeder manages to beam you back
in areas where electronic music puts you into
a dreamworld.

Robert is able to make a revival of the space
music of the 80s, adding some exquisite new
sound accents that leads to a real impressive
sound experience. On his new album he
combines sequencers, warm analogue
synthesizers, dreamy melodies and spherical
elements by using modern chill out sounds.
The deep space effects lead you into a
universe of emotions and fantasies.

March 2014:


to all fans of
Berlin School
electronic music !!

Bertrand Loreau - Spiral Lights

Bertrand Loreau already released
several albums on the well known
Musea label in France.

Since the album "Journey Through The
Past" Bertrand started a re-birth of his
Berlin School style of music on the
german label Spheric Music.

After releasing "Nostalgic Steps" and
"Interférences" (both on Spheric Music)
"Spiral Lights" is the most recent release.

His main focus is the sequences that is the typical character of Berlin School inspired tracks.

When you listen to his new album you hear the influence of Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream, but also the typical Loreau style that adds romantic and harmonic melodies.

March 2014:



The original music
from the 80s!
Re-Release on
Spheric Music
with bonus tracks!.

Robert Schroeder - Paradise

The original album PARADISE was the fifth
Schroeder release on the IC label in 1983.

Out of stock for years this album was a rare
item until today. At that time Robert was in
his most successful phase of his career.

He created Paradise with the typical
synthesizer sound (PPG, Sampler etc) of the
80s, which is one of his best releases ever.

On this re-release the tracks from the 80s
are presented in brilliant sound quality with
2 great bonus titles.

Enjoy the charme of the 80s!

September 2013:


Bertrand Loreau is
by albums 'Journey
Through The Past'
and 'Nostalgic Steps'
now the tip for
Electronics fans!

Bertrand Loreau & Olivier Briand

.... .... .... .... .... .... - Interférences

Electronic music fans already know
Bertrand Loreau because of his
successful albums 'Journey Through
The Past' and 'Nostalgic Steps'.

Now he worked together with sequencer
expert Olivier Briand. They created a
homogenic Berlin School album.
Professional crystal clear sounds,
romantic melodies along with well arranged
sequencer patterns altogether give you
an excellent listening pleasure.

October 2013:


A delicate sound
experience to
calm down and
for dreaming.

Robert Schroeder - Slow Motion

After a short break Robert is back with
a new album and exciting new material.
Sometimes life seems unreal, things passing by
slowly like in slow motion. Extraordinary modern
elements are mixed with traditional electronic
sounds. Decent Chill Out-Beats and the
Schroeder-typical sequences are accompanied
by washes of sounds and spherical effects.
Single and bizarre sounds develop slowly. Many
innovative sounds are added that enrich the
sequence and sound patterns.

April 2013:



Axess - Aviator

On his new album the Pyramid Peak Keyboarder
shows his talent for rhythmic-substantial and
distinctively strong sequences.

Mystic atmospheres introduce upbeat Berlin
School sequences, we know of Pyramid Peak
or Rainbow Serpent.

On Aviator Axess creates an amazing sound
experience by combining powerful beats, 3-D
melodies and soft harmonies. It feels as if you
would go on a plane flying above the earth.

January 2013:

Nostalgic Steps

New music from
Bertrand Loreau!

Bertrand Loreau - Nostalgic Steps

We congratulate Bertrand for "Journey
Through The Past", his successful debut
on Spheric Music, which old recordings
go back to the style of the early 80s. To
the opposite "Nostalgic Steps" is a brand
new album with new compositions in good
sound quality, that put weight on the Berlin
School of the late 70s. There are only a few
experimental sounds on this CD. The main
focus is on sequences, melodies and
"nostalgic" moods.

One realizes that Bertrand has developed his sequencer style of the 80s further and reaches more and more the depth of traditional Berlin School music. The sounds aren't overloaded, on the contrary, Bertrand loves to leave sounds and melodies a little bit simple, to enable the music to reveal its charme (like you know it from "Stratos Fear" for example).

Especially the sequences sounds like a hommage to the good old days, of the music from Tangerine Dream, Schulze, Baumann and Edgar Froese of the mid/late 70s. Give it a try!

October 2012:



Robert Schroeder - Ferro Oxid

In Robert has discovered several new exciting
sounds and managed to make interesting new
compositions. The few Chill Out / Lounge
influences are restricted to some soft beats
and grooves that are relaxing in the background.

In the foreground you will realize dreamy, new bizarr sounds, spacy effects, deep far strings and choir sounds and distinct Berlin School sequences. A blend that gives you an extraordinary listening pleasure. Sometimes you feel like being on a trip through an unreal dream-landscape. At another time you feel directly transported into the cosmos. The deep choirs and spacy effects evoke bizarr-floating sound spaces.

While travelling in new sound areas and dreamy melodies you are often accompanied by percussion grooves or pearling, sometimes driving sequences. Robert selected special sound colours of various synthesizers and also created a bombastic sound on the whole. Along with SphereWare and Cream this is one of his best releases for years!

Lambert Ringlage

August 2012:


Have a pleasant

Bertrand Loreau

.... .... - Journey Through The Past

In France Bertrand Loreau is one of the most
talented artists in the field of progressive
electronic music. On this album you hear a hint
of Jarre, a hint of Schulze, a hint of Froese and
a good patch of french emotion that supply a
great harmonic and dreamy charme.

To be recommended to all fans of traditional
electronic music (end of 70s, early 80s), who

like the old sounds of Hoenig, Froese (Stuntman-era) or the early Jarre- and Schulze classics. Come on, let us go on a journey through the past of the vintage synthesizer sounds of the 80s.

March 2012:


Unreleased tracks
of the golden 80s!

Robert Schroeder - D.MO Vol. 3

Because of the great demand on old unreleased
recordings, like the ones on the first two editions
of D.MO Vol. 1 and 2, Spheric Music decided to
encourage Robert Schroeder for a third release
of this series. Robert searched his treasure box
andindeed found some jewels from the good old
time. If you listen to the music you can not
believe that these works have been produced
during 1981-1991: The sound quality is excellent.

If you hear the old sounds of the drum computer or the typical earworm melodies, the charme of the 80s become vivid. Just listen to track 4 Passing Landscapes and you know why this album is worth-while listening. In comparison to the first editions you will find more upbeat and light melodic titles on this Robert Schroeder-typical album.

January/February 2012:

Dream and drift away!


Berlin Heritage
.... .... .... - Land of the Rising Sun

Berlin Heritage is a new name in the field
of electronic music, who is going back to
the roots of the 70s era of electronic music:
At that time Berlin school artists like Klaus
Schulze or Tangerine Dream took their time
to develop long compositions.

You can hear mysterious, hypnotic slow
motion-like atmospheres that lead to
old-fashioned sequencer patterns that

sometimes remind us of the early work of Bernd Kistenmacher.

The nostalgic mellotron sounds and the deep space sound clouds create a fascinating bizarr atmosphere. By the excellent blend of timeless soundscapes and lovely old sequences you can enjoy the whole album like a smooth and unique Berlin School journey.

September/October 2011:


Recommended for
dreaming and chill out!

Robert Schroeder - Esthétique

Secret and mysterious soundsculptures
guide us through various atmospherical
spaces. Dreamy synthesizer sounds,
space effects and a melodic e-guitar
(which remind us of Double Fantasy) let
us immerse into a world of bizarr spherical
atmospheres. Robert produced his new
titles in an excellent sound and put
much depth into his music.

March 2011:



Robert Schroeder - Club Chill Vol. 1

The main focus of the new chill album
CLUB CHILL is on relaxing titles and
downtempo tracks. Just hang around
and listen to this harmonic album full
of exciting sounds.

Modern relaxing grooves, voice-samples,

interesting effects and sounds, warm pads and catchy melodies altogether create an extremely relaxing atmosphere.

December 2010:


The synthesizer sounds
of the eighties!

Including bonus track !

Robert Schroeder - Cygnus-A

How long did we have to wait until the release
of this album? Galaxie Cygnus-A has been
released on LP in 1982 but never saw the light
on a CD. Many Robert Schroeder fans regard
Galaxie Cygnus-A as his best album so far. A
big thank-you to Robert that he finally managed
to release his legendary album on CD. The
music has been performed in a new way,
additions have been included and the result
is a wonderful retro-album. The new elements
enrich the clearness, the depth and the whole
sound in a very convincing way!

And: Lover of the classic LP-release will enjoy the new CD:
the atmosphere of Galaxie Cygnus-A has been completely preserved.

October 2010:



Axess - Fusion

The Pyramid Peak keyboarder Axel Stupplich
presents us a special jewel of electronic music:
"Axess - Fusion" his previous album "Axess -
Voices Of Dawn" already featured fine, dreamy-
atmospherical sounds. Axess picks up this style.
This time he has been inspired by astronomy,
by the sun and its energy and by the night sky.

In comparison to his previous album "Fusion" puts more weight on sequences.

Thus, the CD has become an excellent Berlin School album with
sensitive melodies and sounds within a fantastic dreamy atmosphere.

October 2010:


One of the
best albums
of recent years!

Robert Schroeder - Cream

The title of Schroeders new album speaks
for itself: "Cream" It is something special
Robert presents on his new album:
Schroeder returns to his muscial style he
was popular for in the early 80s: Long
tracks that develop atmospherically,
become more and more dense. The
character of the tracks can be described
as hypnotic, due to the apply of the
Schroeder-typical sequences. All has
been produced with selected sounds of
the latest technology, so that you have
a great listening pleasure. It is something
that Schroder fans have waited for so long!

August 2010:




Food For Fantasy - Fresh Food

Mysteriously spherical sounds lead us to
the world of Food For Fantasy: Dreamy
soundscapes over downbeat rhythms are
enriched with the typical Food For Fantasy
guitar melodies. F4F manages to combine
modern chill out sounds and lounge beats
with spacey synthesizer sounds to create
a fantastic atmosphere. Lay back and
enjoy your time for dreaming.

A must have for all Food For Fantasy fans! .

March 2010:


Recommendable to
all fans of melodic
electronic music!

Rudolf Heimann - Tide

A fresh melodic album produced in
an excellent Heimann-typical sound!

Pleasingly accessible though
touching titles remind us of his
successful albums like "Touch
The Sky" and "Twilight Voyager".
Heimann created many new ideas
by combining dreamy melodies and
harmonies with decently driving beats.

January 2010:

Lounge Music
par excellence!



Robert Schroeder
.... - nEW fREQUENCIES Vol.1

Electronic sounds and modern
beats to chill out. Cool grooves
and galactic soundscapes melt
into rhythmic-spherical electronic
music for dancing, chill out
or just listening pleasure.

"Audiophile Pop-CD of the month" (Audio Magazin 3/2010)

September 2009:


to Schroeder fans!

Robert Schroeder - 30 Years After

Exciting new material presented by
one of the electronic routinists of the
electronic scene. Robert Schroeder is
celebrating his 30th musical anniversary,
starting the album by remindung us of
his first release Harmonic Ascendant.
But soon Robert leads us in new
dreamland-like territories.

An exquisite blend of moods of the good
old analogue era and brilliant atmospheres

of todays sound library. Decent rhythms, light sequencer patterns and dreamy melodies are combined to create a harmonic sound atmosphere which could be a kind of refuge for dreaming.

February 2009:


Taste It!

............Check it!

Robert Schroeder - Taste It!

Ocean waves, effects of the analogue
synthesizer, dropsin a cave and deep
fields of warm synthesizer sounds...
This is the beginning of the new electronic
work "Taste It" by sound artist Robert Schroeder.
Relaxing-groovy rhythms and sequences
are added and an exciting journey starts.

The previous album "D.MO Vol. 2" provides us
with good old analogue material. "Taste It" now
features fascinating futuristic sound-landscapes.
Robert Schroeder again creates a fantastic
dreamworld. Voice-like synthiesounds on a base

of modern Beats, Arpeggio-Sequencer patterns mystic choirsounds and dreamy melodies are surrounded by a spherical atmosphere. By using some little analogue sounds Robert continues the dreamy atmosphere of his album "SphereWare" (2007)and enriches this with decent downbeats. The music as well as the 24 bit-recording is responsible for an excellent setting to dream, for space travels or just to chill out.

December 2008:

Recommended for
Tangerine Dream and
Jean-Michel Jarre fans.


This atmospheric-dreamy music is very suitable for the christmas time.

Axess - Voices Of Dawn

The synthesist Axel Stupplich is well
known because he is a member of the
very successful project "Pyramid Peak".
Using the name "Axess" for his solo-
releases, he already published the CDs
"First Light", "Chamaeleon" and "Time
Traveller". The new album "Voices Of
Dawn" is based on the typical Pyramid
Peak style.

Dreamy melodic synthesizer sounds and
hypnotic-pearling sequences invite the
listenerto drift away into a fairy-like journey.
On "Voices Of Dawn" Axess created an
atmospherically-homogenic work, that
should appeal many fans of traditional
electronics as well as fans of Rainbow
Serpent, Pyramid Peak or also Klangwelt.

But especially EM-fans of TD and Jarre (end of 70s) should enjoy this album too.

August 2008:

Absolutely recommendable!


New music from Schroeders original Double Fantasy

Robert Schroeder
.... .... .... .... - Fruits Of Fantasy

Robert Schroeder managed to
create an easy, relaxing atmosphere
combining groovy,leisure rhythms
and dreamy melodies.

This is new music in the unique
Double Fantasy style, adding
some hints of "SphereWare"
and the previous album
"The Secret Of Dreamin".

May 2008:

First-Class EM !
Unreleased tracks from undiscovered artists



Absolutely recommendable!
The finest selection from the MySpace-Web

DREAMS OF MySPACE - Vol.1 is like a treasure box to discover
amazingly good music of new talents. Here you
can find several undiscovered talents presenting
themselves with often - even in comparison to
well known artists - amazingly good music.

Motivated by this point of view, the idea for a
compilation series with international artists of the
EM (Electronica, Ambient, Lounge, Berlin School,
Downbeat) came into being. DREAMS OF
MySPACE - Vol.1
is the first CD of a series to be
published in May 2008 on the label Spheric Music.
Robert Schroeder, initiator and producer of
DREAMS OF MySPACE, regards the compilation
as a basis in order to prepare and help the artists
on their way to a professional record contract.

The first CD DREAMS OF MySPACE - Vol.1

features artists from Denmark, Finland, U.K., France, Spain, Australia and Germany. Endowed and undiscovered talents, who create these soundsculptures, which shift us into most pleasing and magic moods that were played with synthesizers, computers and electronics.

February 2008:

D.MO Vol. 2

Absolutely recommended
to all Schroeder fans
of the early days.

Robert Schroeder - D.MO Vol. 2

Robert Schroeder searched his
drawer for some old musical
treasures. And indeed he
selected some fine
pieces of the early 80s.

Many Schroeder fans love
his typical sound of the 80s
which revives on this album.
One is amazed about the good
sound quality of some tracks.

January 2008:


Absolutely recommended
for Fans of
Jean-Michel Jarre‘s

Erik Seifert - Astronomical Unit

After Eriks first releases Thrust Avis, Trip To
Nebula Cluster and Aoteroa,Spheric Music is
proud to present the latest CD by Erik Seifert:
Astronomical Unit

Erik had some successful concerts on various
festivals. Astronomical Unit is inspired by the
great Planetariums-concert Erik Seifert gave
at the Planetarium Bochum, November 2006.
That‘s space sound at its best. Brilliant
spherical sounds lead you through a cosmic
atmosphere which is created by flowing
sequences and deep far-away sounds.

October 2007:


Recommended to all
Klaus Schulze fans!

Hypnosphere - Magnetism

Atmospheric, extended tracks,
flowing and melting into one
another. Exciting, far deep
sounds (from Alien Nature)
create a hypnotic feel. In
combination with Lamberts
special sequences an excellent
Berlin School album comes
into being.

August 2007:


A strong atmospheric
work, somewhere
between Chill Out
and Berlin School.

Robert Schroeder - SphereWare

SphereWare is an invitation
to go on a dream-like spherical
journey. Spacey-pulsating
sequences, groovy-chilling
beats are combined with deep
harmonic string and choir
sounds to create a spherical,
dreamy atmosphere.
Hypnotic sounds and patterns
are sometimes reminescent
of Klaus Schulze.

May 2006:

Back again!


- the original!

Robert Schroeder
.... .... - The Secret Of Dreamin'

This is the one and only real true original
sound of Robert Schroeder’s “DOUBLE
FANTASY” and the 2nd album after the
success debut “Universal Ave.”(1986),
which style especially in the USA was
called“ californian dreamin” and it entered
the US-Charts.

The duo DOUBLE FANTASY means
now FOOD 4 FANTASY and the new
guitar player is Phil Molto.

This second album follows the typical style and sound of Universal Ave. ’the secret of dreamin’ gives you the feeling of sun, freedom, adventure, excitement and total relaxing. The right music to drive long distances on highways.

August 2006:



Klangwelt - XOIO

After the quite successful releases "Weltweit"
and "Age Of Numbers" Klangwelt presents a
new album with the popular, typical Klangwelt
features (pearling arpeggio patterns, crystal
clear sounds, dreamy harmonies...) enriched
with some interesting new elements that effects
that "XOIO" becomes an exciting release with
an impressively atmospherical touch.

Best album of the year 2006

April 2006:

Indra - Signs

Absolutely recommendable for friends of melodic electronic music!

Indra - Signs

Thrust Accessible melodies, exquisite
synthesizer sounds and harmonically
flowing sequence patterns. This is the
way Indra creates a wide warm panorama.
The blend of breezy accentuated beats
and 3-D sounding spherics leads to a
fascinating atmosphere for dreaming.
Sometimes you can hear influences by
Klangwelt, Klaus Schulze, Tangerine
Dream or even Jean Michel Jarre.
Pearling-pulsating sequences, decent
rhythms and fine melodies are the base

for a mood that gives you the feeling to fly like an eagle above the landscapes.

September 2005:

Vocal Version

brainCHIPS Vocal Version

For the first edition of
1000 copies Spheric
Music offers an
autograph card for free!

Robert Schroeder - brainCHIPS

After a break from EM for the past several
years, Robert Schroeder has now finished
and produced his 14th CD-album release,
that will attract your attention. This album
has fine electronics in the traditional
Schroeder style, but this time not being
"only-instrumental" but this album has also
has a special voice and of quality added. On
5 of the 12 tracks, the singer Rahal Brimil
enriches brainCHIPS to stimulate your mind
with accessible melody-lines which create
a multicultural flair.

Also vailable as an Instrumental Version.

September 2005:

Instrumental Version

brainCHIPS Instrumental Version

For the first edition of
1000 copies Spheric
Music offers an
autograph card for free!

Robert Schroeder - brainCHIPS

After a break from EM for the past several
years, Robert Schroeder has now finished
and produced his 14th CD-album release,
that will attract your attention. This album
has fine electronics in the traditional
Schroeder style, sonic master-pieces for
your brain and other musical delicacies.
brainCHIPS is quite varying in atmospheres,
rhythms, analogue synth sounds, electric
guitar, tensions, surprises and lots of variety.
You can hear more special sounds if listen
to the CD on headphones.

Also available as a Vocal Version.

October 2004:



Syntonic Waves Vol. 9

The 9th edition of the well-known
„Syntonic Waves“ electronic music
compilation, featuring EM artists
such as Traumklang, Lambert and
many newcomers of the scene.
This CD is full of new
exciting musical discoveries
and unreleased tracks.

December 2003:

The Age of Numbers


Klangwelt - The Age of Numbers

Klangwelt’s second album is an
acoustical journey into the fascinating
world of numbers and mathematics.

It comes with more than 70 minutes
of pulsating sequences, thrilling
melodies and grooving rhythms.

Best Newcomer of the year 2002 with the Schwingungenwahl presents his 2. album!

January 2003:

Within The Whirl

Improvisations by
Lambert & Alien Nature

Hypnosphere - Within The Whirl

A unique blend of Ambient
and Berlin School music.
Hypnosphere carries you away
into hypnotic soundscapes.

Exciting atmospheres, hypnotically
driving sequencer patterns and
dark-mystic soundsculptures mix up to
a magically mysterious sound experience.

April 2002:

CD-R exclusiv by
Spheric Music


Driftin` Thoughts - Isolation

Driftin' Thoughts created
several new tracks:

11 titles covering melodic, harmonic
songs as well as modern upbeat
tracks. The sound is quite convincing
as Driftin' Thoughts is known for.

Limited edition 99 copies

February 2002:

distinguished as
Best album of
the year 2002!


Klangwelt - Weltweit

Melodic electronic sounds.
Dreamy harmonies and light
sequences create a pleasing
treat for the ears.

distinguished with the
Schwingungenwahl as
Best newcomer of
the year 2002!

November 2001:



Syntonic Waves Vol. 8

Syntonic Waves Vol. 8

Accessible melodies, exciting sounds and
rhythmical electronics. For those who are
interested in new musical ideas in the field
of electronic music.
With previously unreleased tracks by Foreign
Spaces, Palantír, Lambert and a great deal
of newcomers that arouse your curiosity.
Selected from the large quantity of auditions
sent by new electronic music talents.
Compiled by Lambert Ringlage.


Mirror Images

Dreamy music -
let your images flow!

Apeiron & Vasudeva - Mirror Images

Apeiron and Vasudeva present the fruits
of their long lasting colaboration.
Apeiron - his roots go back to the Berlin
School electronic style - and Vasudeva
- well known for composing relaxing music
- in their interplay create a far eastern
atmosphere. Influences of meditative,
minimalistic and the Gamelan music
blend into a story telling music.



Following CDs are planned:


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